"The long shadow of Warren Ellis hangs over any Australian band that numbers electric violin amongst its instruments. Ellis and The Dirty Three embody an important strand in local music, the point where underground guitar rock meets the yearning sadness of traditional folk song. You could call it colonial melancholy, and with song titles like ‘Redcoats and Convicts’ it’s clear that Charge Group are aware of the precedents. But they’re also confident in where they’re headed, walking up onto stage and into a wandering, semi-improvised song with not so much as a hello. Experience helps: there are moments of vocal grandeur when Matt Blackman brushes up against the ghost of his previous, much-loved band Purplene – you can sense him wanting to let go, crank the volume, but the rest of the band hold back purposefully. These songs – ‘Vice’d’ in particular – are ballads for late, alcohol-blurred nights, brimming with regret yet unafraid of beauty. I predict that many listeners will hold Charge Group close to their hearts; judging by tonight’s audience I’d say that some already do."
Emmy Hennings, Mess+Noise - 24/05/07

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